Most of my day, I'm either sitting at my desk crouching over a computer or behind the wheel of my car driving for hours. EIther way I've developed long-term severe discomfort in my shoulders and neck.

I've tried a range of therapies to relieve the pain including physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and even a cortisone shot, although the pain continued.

Recently, after a long drive back to Albuquerque I stumbled into Whole Foods for a few items. On my way out I spotted the chair massage station and decided to try it out for 15 minutes.

I could not believe the results! In such a short amount of time, I felt a huge relief of pressure in the areas of discomfort. I felt so much more focused and alert.

Leo was able to access sensitive areas in my chest which he explaigned was a cause of the "rounding" in my shoulders, creating much pain and tightness in my neck, shoulders, and back. Such a relief!

I would recommend anyone suffering from similar ailments to take the time to give Leo a visit.

Jake M