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Holly Andreas LMT # 2272

Holly has been practicing massage therapy since 1995.

She graduated from Crystal Mountain Apprenticeship in the Healing Arts here in Albuquerque, NM.

You can reach Holly at 888-4651 for an appointment.

She specializes in medical massage utilizing:

Deep Tissue, Swedish, MFR and
Neuromuscular techniques

She loves working on all types of athletes:
mixed martial artists, runners, cyclists, body builders, dancers, etc. As well as everyday people.

She believes every client is an individual and always has their best interest in mind. She tries to tailor her style to meet each individual's needs. She loves what she does and hopes that translates over into her work!

She has an amazing cat and dog combo that give her much unconditional love, joy, and companionship. She leads an active lifestyle and follows her bliss in her creative endeavors making works of art out of ordinary glassware. She is also passionate about training at FitNHB (the best fighting gym in Albuquerque!!), riding her motorcycle, snowboarding etc.